• Future Agriculture (earth and space)
  • Innovative technology
  • limiting environmental impact
  • Producing more with less  
  • Delicious fruits and veggies
  • Safe, Nutritious and Fresh products

Aeroponics Hellas P.C., a truly high-tech company aspires to evolve establish into be part of the European and world commercial map. We blend agricultural traditions and a passion for high quality fruits and veggies from the earth with scientific cutting-edge technology.

This new “green agriculture” offers more crops in less space while minimizing environmental damage. We provide a clean, efficient, and rapid production chain with fresh and healthy products that can sell at a premium price.

Our vision is to design and build commercial Aeroponic Farms that will produce pesticides free vegetables and fruits all year round with excellent quality and taste, which will find a special place on the market and will enjoy higher prices (brand products).

Our ambition is also to contribute to the sustainable agriculture units by improving nutrient recycling, water management, biodiversity, the CO2 balance and the environmental awareness of the land and city inhabitants.

Aeroponics Hellas P.C. aspires via R&D to develop and offer at European and Global level innovative systems and integrated solutions in the explosively growing field of Agriculture of the Future for land and space.