Aeroponics Hellas P.C. is a pioneering Startup company located in Patras Science Park, Greece. It has a leading know-how in aeroponics, the future cultivation technique for land and space crops over the next decades.

We developed the «Automated Aeroponic Plant Growing System» based on Greek patent knowledge, which could overcome environmental difficulties such as extreme temperatures and limited water resources. We provide improved agricultural solutions with minimal impact on land, water and energy resources through invention and innovation.

Our low cost aeroponic growing system offers faster harvest cycles and maximum yields with limiting environmental impact. It produces year-round vegetables and fruits of exceptional organoleptic quality and taste.  It is adapted to Mediterranean climate conditions and extreme arid or semiarid environments.

We offer integrated solutions in design build and operation of greenhouse aeroponic farms (producing tomatoes, cucumbers and many other leafy vegs), town farms or vertical farms and plant cloning.