With the closed-loop technology, our root irrigation - spraying system recycles water and nutrients. In turn, it uses up to 96% less water than conventional farms, and 60% less than hydroponics, which is especially critical for crops growing in drought-stricken regions.

The smart nutrition system supplies the plant roots with necessary natural inorganic nutrients as well as with plenty of oxygen for complete control and excellent nutrition. At the same time the smart nutrition model ensures maximum economy and zero loss of nutrients and any residues in the environment.

Our greenhouse growing system is uniquely designed to operate under full sunlight taking advantage for the photosynthesis of plants. Natural full sunlight increases productivity and maximizes yields, significantly reducing energy and production costs. However, our Aeroponic system can support efficiently indoor or Vertical Farms using LED light.

Indoor aeroponic farming has the disadvantage that of the much lower intensity of Led light in comparison with solar radiation, which is a critical factor for massive yields of fruits as tomatoes and