The “Automated Aeroponic Plant Growing System”, is a highly advanced aeroponic farming technique, adapted to extreme climate conditions.

Its fully automated system that has the ability to control and adjust at any given value the root zone temperature into the fully insulated growing chambers or trays, offering ideal root growth conditions. The roots absorb more effectively minerals and trace elements, making plants healthier and potentially more nutritious. with limiting consumption of nutrients, energy and water.

Plant growing parameters, i.e. the root zone temperature, the duration and frequency of spraying, pH and EC of the nutrients,  have been optimised through extensive research and are fully controlled by IOT system.

 Our Aeroponic Plant Growing system greatly reduces contamination risks. It uses a pesticides-free growing method with zero environmental pollution and minimal environmental footprint.

 It operates under full sunlight, ensuring maximum productivity per square meter, producing year-round vegetables and fruits of exceptional organoleptic quality and unique taste that can sells at a premium price.

 It constitutes a great challenge for development as a full-scale industrial farming technology ideal for drought and pure lands, particularly in Med and Arab countries.